Interview: THE EARTH BELOW Talks New Music, and Writing About Love & Isolation

When creating a solo project, most musicians either make it an extension of their bands, or a project so far out of left field that it may as well be by a completely different person. For Mumbai-based musician Deepak Raghu, The Earth Below (TEB) is definitely the latter. Deepak is best known as the drummer... Continue Reading →


Interview: DARANTI GROUP Talk Underground Punjabi/Urdu Hip Hop

Welcome to the very first interview of THE BACKBEAT with yours truly, Sairaj Kamath! We're all about covering the good stuff OTHER than Metal – and what better way to start than connecting with some Underground Old-school Hip Hop from Pakistan? Daranti Group isn't your usual collective rapping about 'cash-money-hos'. Far from it. In fact, the... Continue Reading →

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